The Terms of Reference of the Employed Barristers’ Committee are as follows:
a. To provide support to the employed Bar in all matters relevant to practice at
the employed Bar;
b. To influence policy and advise representative committees of the Bar Council
and their sub-committees on all matters which appear to the Employed
Barristers’ Committee to be of particular concern to the employed Bar, or upon
which advice is sought by other representative committees or sub-committees
of the Bar Council;
c. To consider and advise on the implications for the employed Bar of any
regulatory changes proposed by the BSB;
d. To elect, from amongst their number, a Chair and Vice-Chair both of whom
must be employed, barristers. Each should serve a one-year term, with the
expectation that the Vice-Chair will become the Chair of the committee. If the
The chair is employed in the public sector, then the Vice-Chair must be drawn
from outside (and vice versa). [If the Chair or Vice-Chair ceases to be an
employed barrister, then he (or she) shall cease to be qualified to hold that
office, in which event paragraph 3(a) in Schedule One to these Standing
Orders will apply (but with the word “elected” being substituted for the word
e. To support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.